MUSTANG is the new artistic project created by Madrid-born and raised director Simarro Lozano. A wide range of music, experimental and advertisement videos and films are and will be born into life under this name. MUSTANG is all about openness to the new, exploration, a wide mindset, and a fusion of storytelling styles and cinematic savoir faire.

Simarro Lozano’s childhood dream was to become a cartographer. He used to draw maps and imagine other possible worlds. He used to scan anything in front of his eyes in order to project new spaces. He found out he wanted to become a director when he discovered Wim Wenders and Martin Scorsese filmography. Since then, he developed a passion for fiction, which led him to study the Masters in Cinema Direction at EFTI (Madrid), and explore fiction through characters framed in a contemporary and social cinematic style. He also directed ’25 caballos’ (25 horses), a short film that granted him the Biznaga de Plata at the Festival de Málaga in 2021.

He later found in advertising a new opportunity to create a cinematic storytelling and decided to do so with and through MUSTANG: an aka to boost his unique style and signature in any project he is involved in. MUSTANG involves the aim to film with a rebel, young and fresh perspective and to explore and portrait new worlds in order to understand his own. Simarro Lozano is still dreaming.